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Minna- Chloe's Mom


This was my first experience using RadDog as a professional groomer. I can say Mrs. Christine is one on one, dedicated to her passion and love for animals. She will definitely be my groomer from this day forward. I loved the atmosphere and my babies (doggies) loved it. I am so happy with my new groomer. Thank you Rad Dog

   We are open by appointment only. Giving your pet 100% of our attention in a stress free environment.  We also offer express appointments for those wanting quick in and out service without kennel time.

   Our groomers are well trained to insure satisfaction and your pet's safety. Our staff receive continuing education to stay on top of industry standards, latest styles, and trends for both dogs and cats

I am an artist and a stylist, that gives me a creative eye and different approach than other salons -Christine (Owner/Groomer)


Laura- Luna's MOM


I have never met a dog this excited to go to the groomers! My Luna loves Ms.Christine and going to Rad Dog! She always looks so pretty when she is done! I would recommend Rad Dog to anyone! Great place!

Jennifer- Mya's Mom


Rad Dog Salon is by far the best groomer in Jacksonville! The staff is so wonderful and kind. I am very particular on how I get my Yorkie groomed and I am in love with the way she looks and smells when I pick her up. I love that they allow for the "dog friendly'' pups stay out of a cage and walk freely in the penned area. I always feel comfortable leaving her in their care and I know she will be treated well! The prices are more than reasonable as well! Thank you Rad Dog!

Kristen- Bailey's Mom


My Bailey is always beautiful to me but the cut you gave her yesterday she could win best in show! Thank you so much for taking the time and suggesting this new cut for her body type. Bailey has been prancing about the house showing off her new look since I picked her up!!




Thank you to Christine for another wonderful grooming of my Bailey. You always take such good care of her. I love how she is always ready to greet you with a wagging tail and a kiss or two!!!.

 My name is Christine. My passion started from early childhood where my father would rarely say no to the new stray needing a home or injured wildlife I would nurse back to health. My experience as a vet technician, behavior training evaluator, and volunteering with animal agencies finally led me to the career of pet grooming. I have the experience to work with all animals from show dogs to specials needs.  I have over 6 years experience working in upscale salons under certified groomers and visiting shows. I finally ventured out and opened Rad Dog in early 2013.

Sabrina- Bentley's Mom


My Bentley loves Christine and Paris so much!! He gets very excited when we get to the shop and I love that they let the pups run around and play!!! It's very apparent they love animals... The very best groomer there is and a great friend!

  • Complete Pet Grooming
  • Hand Scissoring
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Breed Styles
  • Nail Filing & Nail Caps
  • Specialty Shampoos
  • Flea Treatments
  • Rad Dog Doos (Creative Art and Fur Coloring)

9823 Tapestry Park Circle #13 

Jacksonville, Fl 


Monday-Friday        7:00am-5:00pm

Saturday-Sunday     Closed